World Mental Health Day | Dealing with Anxiety and Depression (My Journey)

Stand tall;You are not alone

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It’s world mental health day and i want to share my journey with dealing with depression and anxiety.

Mental health is very important and i’m really happy concerning the awareness and how more people are getting to realize it’s importance and also creating help to make people feel safe and speak out more.

My Journey

It’s much more than just feeling sad or trying to get away from everyone. At first i actually didn’t understand what was wrong with me. I started feeling left out, feeling like i wasn’t enough, feeling alone and lonely even when there are lots of people around, feeling of just going away and running to a place where there is no past, no pain and no regrets.

The part that really made me scared for my life more was when i started fighting myself from the inside. I would quietly sit down in a spot…

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